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The four-day Soviet tour of Pridnestrovie is a fascinating and educational journey into the Soviet past, with monuments to Lenin, Gagarin and Kotovsky.

During the tour, visit the museums of military and labor Glory of the first Soviet railway workers, power engineers, policemen, cavalrymen, tractor drivers and communards, feel the authentic atmosphere of cities and villages of the Soviet Union with artistic mosaic panels in the decoration of buildings, get acquainted with the life and household items of an ordinary Soviet family. You can also “become a pioneer” and dine at the Soviet canteen.

The first day of the route. Visit the Bendery steam locomotive – a unique museum of the revolutionary, combat and labor Glory of railway workers, where orders and medals, certificates and letters from the front, photographs and uniforms of railway workers of the military and post-war years are carefully kept. Dine with dishes prepared according to Soviet recipes, decorated in the classic “Soviet style” “Canteen of the USSR”. Finish the first day of the route in a Soviet-style guest house in the village of Ternovka, where you will be solemnly accepted as a pioneer.

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The second day of the route. To see the symbol in honor of the first power plant in Tiraspol in the form of a light bulb and the monument to V.I. Lenin, which is one of the twenty highest monuments to the leader in the world. Visit the Memorial of Glory and the Museum of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with pictures, documents, awards and items of militia officers from the times of the USSR. Try the culinary masterpieces of the Soviet menu in the restaurant “Back to the USSR”, see the monumental architectural monument made in the style of the “Stalinist Empire” – the House of Soviets and the monument to the first Soviet cosmonaut Y.A. Gagarin.

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The third day of the route. To see the 35-meter memorial “Glory Obelisk” in Kitskany, made in the form of a concrete bayonet, erected in memory of the feat of Soviet soldiers in the World War II, a monument to V.I. Lenin at the building of the collective farm and the House of Culture, which for many years took first place in the MSSR in competitions for rural centers of culture. Visit the Chobruch park named after D.K. Rodin, which was one of the 5 best parks in the USSR, admire the water rifts of Turunchuk.

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The fourth day of the route. Visit the museum and the dugout of the first communards in Lenin village , where its first members lived and began  the formation of the Lenin commune. See the monument to the first tractor drivers in Rybnitsa. Finish the route at the Rybnitsa Museum of Battle Glory. The museum was opened in a historical place where during the Great Patriotic War the Nazis set up a prison and held political prisoners.

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