Water route “Speya – Bendery – Tiraspol”

Water route “Speya – Bendery – Tiraspol”

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This two-day kayaking trip is designed for both experienced tourists and beginners.

On this journey you will not only see the island of love but walk along it, and in addition to it -observe the beautiful river and coastal landscapes, Bychok rocks and tunnels.

Cooking food on a fire, resting in the most picturesque places and spending the night in a tent on the river bank will help you get as close to nature as possible, relax and gain strength.

Day 1.

Rafting starts in the village of Speya, have a lunch in the village of Bychok, and stay overnight in Parkany. There are many beaches along the route where you can make a stop, relax or swim in the Dniester. In the area of ​​the village of Krasnogorka, you can take a walk around the island of love, and while the dinner is being cooked, you will enjoy the view of the Bychok rocks and tunnels.

Day 2.

It starts in Parkany, have a lunch – on the beach of the village of Ternovka opposite the mouth of the Botna River, and finish the journey – in Tiraspol on the city beach. On this section of the route, an unusual view of the Bendery fortress opens up from the water. Stop for lunch is located in one of the most picturesque places in the region, where Botna flows into the Dniester.

To book the trip call PMRLOCALS +373 777 77919 or write in Instagram 

To see the map of the route, click the link: clck.ru/hUpmj 

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