Rules of staying

This page contains the rules of passing the state border, stay and other useful information about the climate, population, currency to help foreign tourists who are going to visit Pridnestrovie. We advise you to familiarize yourself in advance in order to better prepare for your trip to the PMR.

Geographic characteristics

Pridnestrovie is located in the south-eastern part of Europe, mainly on the left bank of the Dniester. Pridnestrovie borders on Ukraine in the east and Moldova in the west. There is no access to the sea. The capital is the city of Tiraspol. The total area is 4.163 km², the length of the borders is 816 km. Time zone: in summer – UTC/GTM +3 hours, in winter – UTC/GTM +2 hours.


Moderately continental with short and relatively warm winters and long hot summers. The average temperature in January is −4 °C, in July +21 °C. Precipitation falls mainly in the warm season. The average annual rainfall ranges from 380 to 550 mm.


There are three official languages in Pridnestrovie – Russian, Moldavian and Ukrainian. For everyday communication, most Pridnestrovians, especially in cities, use Russian.


469 000 people, of whom Moldavians – 33%, Russians – 34%, Ukrainians – 26.7%. In general, representatives of 75 nationalities live in Pridnestrovie, including Bulgarians, Gagauz, Belarusians, Germans, Jews and others. Most of the population were Orthodox Christians.


It is better to have cash when you travel to Pridnestrovie.

The official currency of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic is the Pridnestrovian ruble.

You can pay in cash only in Pridnestrovian rubles.

It is possible to exchange US dollars, Euros, Moldavian Lei, Ukrainian UAH and Russian rubles in all currency exchange offices and banks of the republic. Other currencies can be exchanged in the central branch of the Pridnestrovian Republican Bank.

You can withdraw money from the “Mir” card at ATMs of the republic.

You can get recommendations on how to cash out from Visa and MasterCard at bank branches:

When calculating the budget of your trip to Pridnestrovie, you may count on average for about 30-40 Euros per day. The average cost of lunch in the cafe/restaurant is 5-10 Euros, trips in public transport – 15-20 Euro cents, taxi – 1-2 Euros, bottle of ten-year divine KVINT – from 5 Euros.


Public transport

Pridnestrovie has a developed public transport system, which includes trolleybuses (including inter-city one, Tiraspol-Bendery), buses and public minibus taxi. There are also taxi services in Pridnestrovie, which can be used both by telephone and through online applications. Tickets for inter-city transport are purchased at the box office, trips within settlements are paid to the controller or driver while boarding the vehicle.

Electricity and communications

Power supply is 220 V.

Communication standards are CDMA, LTE and GSM (it doesn’t cover all cities). In cities, there are Wi-Fi-covered places where anyone can use the Internet for free for 30 minutes (once a day). To use it, you should just click on the “Guest access” button on the authorization page. You can find the list of such places on the operator’s website –Interdnestrcom Company (IDC).


Places where it is not allowed to take photos:

Close to the windows of the building of the Parliament and the Government (red building behind the Lenin monument in the city center);

Ministry of State Security building (prohibition signs are placed in front of this building);

Peacekeeping posts, customs checkpoint and other military facilities;

According to paragraph e) of the Protocol of the Meeting of the Interdepartmental Working Group on the development, information content, support of the tourist website and the development of the tourist passport of January 14, 2020, this section of the instruction paper is finalized by the State Service of Mass Media of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic together with the Ministry of State Security of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.

Drinking alcohol and smoking in public places is prohibited.


Border crossing procedure and rules of stay

Foreign citizens and persons without citizenship can enter and leave Pridnestrovie using identity documents indicating citizenship of a foreign state.

Entering Pridnestrovie, a foreign citizen or a person without citizenship is required to fill out a migration card. In case of automated filling out of a migration card – to receive a completed migration card at the checkpoint across the border.

A migration card is given for a period of up to 45 days, validity period of a migration card can be extended repeatedly.

No migration card required for:

a) foreign citizens and persons without citizenship who have the migration card of Pridnestrovie that has not expired yet, or temporary residence permit in Pridnestrovie or a permanent resident card in Pridnestrovie;

b) foreign citizens going to Pridnestrovie in order to carry out international cooperation by invitation or with the assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pridnestrovie if there is a notification from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pridnestrovie about the upcoming crossing of the border of Pridnestrovie.

It is not required to open a visa to go to Pridnestrovie.

To enter Pridnestrovie, it is necessary to go through Ukraine or the Republic of Moldova. Given that, it is necessary to clarify the procedure for entering the territory of neighboring states.

Emergency phones

Fire service – 101

Police – 102

Ambulance – 103

Phone inquiry service – 199


Information about the procedures for temporary importation into Pridnestrovie of vehicles by foreign individuals for personal use registered in foreign states

Temporary importation into Pridnestrovie of cars for personal use registered in foreign countries is carried out in a simplified manner without filling out a customs declaration with the condition of payment of a fee.

The following documents must be presented to the customs officer when entering the country:

a) a foreign or internal passport, or other documents confirming the identity of an individual, indicating citizenship and registration, consular records;

b) a technical passport (certificate of registration) of a vehicle or a document replacing it;

c) documents confirming residence or temporary stay in the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, as well as the duration of such stay or residence;

d) documents confirming the right to use the vehicle.

The size of the fee is set depending on the period of temporary importation of a car registered in foreign countries and entering the territory of Pridnestrovie.

The fee should be paid at the customs checkpoint in Pridnestrovian rubles or in foreign currencies, the rates of which are quoted by the Pridnestrovian Republican Bank.

Period of temporary importation Fee rate
7 days 4 estimated minimum wage levels
15 days 8 estimated minimum wage levels
30 days 16 estimated minimum wage levels
90 days 25 estimated minimum wage levels
180 days 45 estimated minimum wage levels
1 estimated minimum wage level = 14,50 rub PMR (or rubles)

The maximum period for temporary importation of a vehicle for personal use registered in a foreign country is 180 days.

The period of temporary stay of a foreign vehicle in the customs territory of Pridnestrovie can be extended without taking the car from the customs territory of the Republic with payment of a fee for the required period (maximum – 180 days) at any customs authority (customs, customs point, or customs checkpoint).

Important thing!

A vehicle registered in a foreign country and temporarily imported by a foreign citizen for personal use must be removed from the customs territory of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic before the expiration of the period for which a fee for entering the territory of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic was paid.

The document confirming the payment of the fee should be kept and carried with you throughout the entire period of stay in the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. It will be also necessary to present it to a customs officer upon departure from Pridnestrovie.

Foreign individuals who are citizens of the CIS member states who carry out the temporary importation into the customs territory of Pridnestrovie of vehicles that are constantly registered in the CIS member states are exempted from paying the fee.

Rules for the use of temporarily imported vehicles for personal use registered in foreign countries.

A temporarily imported vehicle should not be used to provide services for the carriage of goods and passengers and other commercial activities.

A temporarily imported vehicle for personal use without the permission of the customs authorities and without customs declaration may be transferred:

– in the possession of another person for maintenance, repair (with the exception of major repairs, modernization) and (or) for storage;

– spouse and close relatives of the declarant.

With the permission of the customs authority of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic and without customs declaration, the declarant may transfer the temporarily imported vehicle for personal use to another person for export from the customs territory of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, if it cannot be made by the declarant because of his death, serious illness or other reasonable cause.

We wish you a pleasant stay!