Sadki Homestead

The homestead Sadki occupies an area of ​​about 4 hectares and is located in a picturesque place: in the east it is protected by a mountain and a forest, while in the west it is embraced by the bends of the Dniester River.

Sadki is a remarkable site of agritourism. The farm grows seedlings of forest and fruit crops, medicinal herbs; they keep bees, too: the latter not only give honey and other apicultural products, but are also used as a means of treatment for visitors and tourists. An apitherapy house has been built on the territory of the homestead, where recreational sleep on the hives is practiced. Under each bed there are two hives with 25 thousand bees in each!

Another facility is a bathhouse with Japanese ofuro barrels used for medical and recreational manipulations. The water contains infusions of lime blossoms, lavender grass, and other medicinal herbs with the addition of beekeeping products. Throughout the procedure, the water temperature is maintained at 40 ° due to constant heating.

Tourists are charmed by the landscape design of the homestead: there are two beautiful lakes, springs, and picturesque flower-beds scattered around this realm of greenery.

Kamensky district, Sadki village
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