St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church

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St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church

The first Catholic church in Rybnitsa was built in 1815-1817 by John Nepomuk-Kozhukhovsky. According to the memories of parishioners, the church was built in the form of a cross and had three altars. There was no internal painting, the choirs had a small pipe organ and the entrance to the church was decorated with a portico with two pairs of columns. The roof was covered with sheet metal, and at the intersection of the transverse nave with the main one was a tower with a small bell. The main gate in front of the Church square was mounted in the form of a bell tower, on which three bells were installed.

In the 30s of the 20th century, the church was closed. In 1990, Catholic believers asked Moscow to open a parish in Rybnitsa, and in 1994 the construction of St. Joseph’s church began. Architect P. G. Yablonsky prepared the project, and priest Tadeusz Magerowski – the abbot of the Church – made changes, characteristic of the style of Catholic temples.

Local building materials were regarded as basic during church construction , Three Church bells were cast in Poland. In 2003, the Church was consecrated and became a functioning temple.