St. Vladimir Bastion Powder Cellar

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St. Vladimir Bastion Powder Cellar

This is the oldest construction in the city and the only surviving part of the former middle fortress, whose building is considered the starting point of Tiraspol history.

Designed by the engineer-architect François Sainte de Wollant, the middle fortress was laid down on June 22, 1793 with the personal participation of the commander Alexander Suvorov. On the territory of the fortress were three bastions, a military hospital, a commandant’s house, powder cellars, barracks, stables, equipment and provisions warehouses and also St. Andrew the First-Called Church.

Nowadays from the fortress only a powder cellar of St. Vladimir Bastion survived, in which the Museum of the History of Tiraspol Fortress was opened in 2014. In recent years, the site has become a traditional place to start festive events on the City Day.