Suvorov Square

Suvorov Square is the heart of Tiraspol and Pridnestrovie. It is surrounded by such landmarks as the monument to A.V. Suvorov, François Sainte de Wollant Square, the Dniester embankment, Memorial of Glory, the building of the Youth Creativity Palace, Tiraspol movie-theater, and the Supreme Council. In Soviet times, it was named the Square of Stalin Constitution, later – of the Soviet Constitution. The square acquired its modern look in the 1970s as a result of the massive restructuring of the city center.

Very soon, in 2020, the area around the square will become one whole – Catherine the Great Park. The Park’s boundaries are Shevchenko Street, Green Market, Bochkovsky Lane, and the embankment. It incorporates De Wollant Square and Suvorov square. Diversified recreational areas have been created in the park for various age groups; there are children and sports grounds, fountains, grottoes, a café and a stage. The entire infrastructure has a common style, whose underlying rationale is history preservation. Blue Alley of De Wollant Square leads to the Front Arch. Next to it, in the central part of the square, there is a monument to Catherine the Great, which can be seen from anywhere in the park. The park is named after the Russian Empress, because it was she who signed the decree to found the city of Tiraspol. Catherine Park is meant as a comfortable infrastructure for the rest of citizens and guests of the city.