The building of the Lutheran church in v. Hlinoe

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The building of the Lutheran church in v. Hlinoe

At the beginning of the 19th century, the lands of Pridnestrovie were actively settled. Germans were among those who came to live here. Gluckstahl (“Valley of Happiness”), now Hlinoe, became one of the first such German settlements.

In 1832, the old church in the settlement was closed, and the government decided to allocate 4,000 roubles in silver to build a new one. The colonists added their funds, and on September 30, 1845, a new temple appeared in the village. Architect Christian Beutelbacher built the church in classical style following the design. The church of Gluckstahl settlement had the largest organ in the German colonies of the left bank of Podnestrovye region.

Over time, the Germans left the village, which after the Great Patriotic War was called “Hlinoe”. Presently, the church building houses the House of Culture.