The House of Culture in the village of Parcani

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The House of Culture in the village of Parcani

The House of Culture in the village of Parcany, was open on May 1, 1959, on the basis of the collective farm named after Lenin. It is one of the biggest buildings in Slobozia district.  In 2013, Lyudmila Bakhchevan became the Director of the House of Culture, and it was at this moment that a fresh stream of energy and new ideas flowed into the cultural establishment. Young specialists joined the team. They are the ones who develop modern trends in culture and creativity.

In our time, the collectives of the House of Culture are actively creative, both in our republic and abroad. The main feature of the club’s work is not only the introduction of new types of cultural and leisure activities, but also the preservation of Bulgarian folk culture, as well as the desire to instill this spirituality in the younger generation through rituals, traditional folk festivals, choreography and vocal art. Since Parcany is the only village of Bulgarians in Pridnestrovie. The collectives have improved their level of training, diversified their repertoire, and expanded the number of participants, which allowed them to demonstrate a high level of events’ organization.