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Tiraspol United Museum

The building of Tiraspol United Museum is an architectural monument in the Art Nouveau style. It was erected in the 1870s for the Noble Assembly of Tiraspol County. In the Soviet time, a theater was located here, then the Communist party administration, and in the 1960-1970s it housed Znanie (Knowledge) – an institution of mass political education.

Tiraspol United Museum was launched by an order of the Ministry of Culture of the Moldavian SSR on May 8, 1958. Since then, the museum has changed several locations, and in 1997 its regional natural history department moved to the building of the former Noble Assembly.

The visitors can view the exhibits reflecting different periods of life of the city and the region. In addition to permanent exhibitions, the museum annually opens up to ten temporary ones in its lobby. By the beginning of 2019, the museum collection consisted of about 90 thousand units in the main fund and more than 30 thousand in the scientific back-up.

25 Oktyabrya Street 46, Tiraspol

Tel.: +373 533 90426