Turunchuk Branch 

In the 1780s, Nistru formed a 60 kilometers long branch near the village of Chobruchi. The width of its riverbed ranges from 34 to 270 meters, and the depth reaches 9 meters.­ At the beginning of the 20th century, Nistru began to silt.­ To prevent the deviation of the river from its channel, a dam was built in 1927. Dimensional stones for it were delivered by­ carts from the Bychok quarry, railway stations and from other places.

The dam was later destroyed­ by ice drift and washed downstream­. Only the foundation and cascade of stones under water, also clearly visible today, remained in its place. The stone ridge forms a threshold at the entrance to the branch. Its noise can be heard for half a kilometer. That is why local residents often call this place a “waterfall”. It is a favorite place for recreation and fishing.