Virtual tours

We offer you virtual 3d-photo and video tours of the most picturesque and interesting places of Pridnestrovie (PMR).

Among them there are Catherine Park and Suvorov Square in Tiraspol, where history borders with modernity, and many residents of the city and guests of the capital come here to rest. You will see the Bendery fortress, which keeps the memory of many battles. You can look at the Chitcani Bridgehead, which became an important strategic point during the World War II. The Yagorlyk reserve is an unforgettable place where you can take a break from city affairs. The famous Tiraspol wine-cognac factory “Kvint”, where excellent drinks are made. The village of Stroentsy, leading its rich history since 1702.

But obviously these virtual tours won’t replace a real visit to Pridnestrovie.

You can visit all these places and learn more about them with the help of local travel agencies who can arrange for you a wide variety of tours and routes.

Enjoy the virtual sightseeing!