Water mill

In 1881, the Slobodca-Rybnitsa railroad was commissioned, which considerably expanded the possibilities for importing mechanisms from European countries. Therefore, in the village of Stroentsy a water mill appeared, designed by the architect-innovator from Transylvania, George Panteleevich Mazgan. All mill mechanisms were brought from Zurich, Switzerland.

In 1982, the water mill was reconstructed to use the building for the Museum of Bread. Later, the construction of the 19thcentury was restored funded by M.V. Orlov.

Today, a water mill is one of the main attractions of the village and the entire north of Pridnestrovie. The picturesque nature around the mill is organically complemented by the landscape design of the territory. At present, on the basis of the premises of the mill, there is a museum and a restaurant-hotel complex Old Mill.