Wine tourist route


Wine route – the Legend

1. Doibani

  • Vineyard tour
  • Manufacturing tour
  • Vine tasting

KVINT, Tiraspol wine-cognac factory, production in Doiban

The winery has its own raw material source – approximately 2000 hectares of vineyards with the more than 30 varieties of grapes: Doyban production is 1500 hectares and the Rashkov zone is 500 hectares, which makes the company unique in terms of raw material base among the wineries of neighboring countries.


Tel.:+373 533 96577


2. Dubossary

• Lunch;
• Manufacturing tour;
• Tasting.

Tourist and hotel complex “Dniester Garden”

The Dniester Garden Hotel is a modern, well-maintained hotel with excellent service, comfortable rooms, excellent food, which is very popular among guests and residents of Dubossary. The complex is a 5 floor hotel with a restaurant and a cinema hall. There are 2 and 1-room suites.


Tel.: +373 (215) 3-39-40

Adress: Dubossary, Dzerjinskiy street, 1

“Buket Moldavii” Company

Vermouths, aromatized and sparkling wines, liqueurs, bitters, balsams, strong drinks, brandy and divins are made according to the original and unique recipe.

For more than sixty years, the company keeps the secrets of preparing of its best beverages, handed down from generation to generation of masters.


Tel.: + 373 215 32750

Dubossary,  Sverdlova street, 109


3. Tiraspol

  • Manufacturing tour
  • Tasting

KVINT, Tiraspol wine-cognac factory

Nowadays this company with 120 years of history holds a leading position among the manufacturers of alcoholic beverages in Moldova. Unique climate, fertile soil, hilly terrain and vicinity of the river Dniester created most favorable conditions for growing best grapes; modern equipment, advanced technologies, original recipes, respect to ancient traditions and passionate work of KVINT professionals – all these factors allow us to produce admirable beverages, which compete with world renowned brands.


Tel.:+ 373 533 9-61-70

Tiraspol, Lenin street, 38


4. Ternovka

  • Tour;
  • Leisure;
  • Dinner

“Bottle” Museum

A unique museum in the village of Ternovka.

A unique collection of spirits, 70 km away from Chisinau.

The main building of the complex was built in the shape of a giant bottle 28 meters high. Six beautifully decorated halls host over 10 thousand types of bottles of various alcoholic drinks from 105 countries of the world. The collection includes rare, exclusive, numbered and souvenir items of bottles.


Tel.: + (373) 533 8-36-76

Tel/fax: + (373) 533 7-11-95

Mobile phone: + (373) 777 888-46, + (373) 777 95-118


Tiraspol, Ternovka village, Karl-Marks street, 13